March 31, 2012

I accidentally found this picture and I believe Inter players should act like this turtle in the final 10 games of the season and try to go up on the table. Fearless and not afraid of nothing. Tomorrow at 3 pm Inter-Genoa. Forza INTER!!!

March 30, 2012

So it’s been 14 years since this game was played, but every time I watch a game between Juventus and Inter, I get reminded of this robbery!
The game was played on 25th of April, 1998. It was the first season in Inter of “the Phenomena” Ronaldo. A win in this game could’ve mean Inter going into first place, and possibly winning their first Scudetto since 1989. But there was a big burden for this – Piero Ceccarini!
Juventus took the lead with a fine goal from Alex DelPiero in the 21st minute. After that, Inter tried to score and missed couple of chances. In the second half however, Zamorano went into the box and the ball fell to an incoming Ronaldo, who was obstructed by Mark Iuliano. Ceccarini didn’t saw a clear penalty and let the play run. Simoni entered the pitch and the players were furious. But the game went on and 15 seconds later, in a Juve counter-attack, Del Piero was pushed aside in the box by Taribo West and Ceccarini pointed to the spot. The Inter players surrounded Ceccarini and Simoni was sent off. Pagliuca saved Del Piero’s penalty. The game finished 1-0 and Juventus went on to win the Scudetto.

“I watched replays the following day, I made a mistake,” Ceccarini admitted to La Gazzetta dello Sport in 2009.
A few days after the game, there was a fight in parliament between two Italian politicians. The reason? Arguing about the Ronaldo non-call.

For this kind of things Juventus was playing one season in Seria B. And for sure I will always remember this game. Watch the video and you’ll get what I’m talking about.

March 26, 2012

Ranieri is no longer the coach of Inter, in a brief statement e stated: 
'' The president of the Inter Club wish to thank Ranieri and his staff for their professionalism, dedication and sincerity in previous months while they were part of this club. Inter also notifies that new team coach is entrusted to Andrea Stramachioni, former coach of the youth team, which he led Inter to became the champion of Europe.The club wishes him luck on the new coach tomorrow to work with the team at Angelo Moratti Sports Centre.''  
UPDATE: The press and the presentation of Andrea Stramachioni will be tomorrow at 5 pm.

Andrea Stramachioni or Stramakioni (maybe wrong with that "c" letter, apologies to readers if this is the case), from 2005 to 2011 was the coach of young Roma and has won eight titles in young categories. Inter's director of the youth section of Inter Roberto Samaden have noticed his talent and he is responsible for his coming at the club .Samaden for Stramachioni says he is a pretty smart coach who was the desire of the other big teams in Italy. Valid for a person with great confidence and a coach who manages to bring up most of the potential young players possess. As a junior he played football and was considered quite talented defensive player but had a serious knee injury which prevented to come to the professional level and completed his early career like a football player. One thing is certain, Moratti and company believed that one day this man can come to the first team (just not so early), it was the goal in a package with the development of young players. Stramachioni is only part of the investments in the Inter youth, and just to reminder they are the first in all possible categories including Europe. Good luck with new coach and FORZA INTER!!!
In the derby of Italy, Inter with another weak performances which lead to another defeat and now they are definitely out of the race for the 3rd place spot. Inter started the game very well with creating some good chances in front of Juve's goal, but Milito was unable to convert them. Buffon showed excellent reflexes couple of times against Milito. However in the first half the biggest chance for Inter was the header from Forlan, but once again Buffon showed why he is the highest valued goalkeeper. Juventus also had a couple of great chances in front of Julio Cesar, but they also failed to score before halftime. In the second half right form the beginning Juve showed more competitiveness and more desire to get all three points. Inter playes came out on the pitch confused and not ready to play against great side such as Juventus. Juvents domination resulted with a goal in 57th minute of the game scored by Martin Caseres. Excelent jump and header from the Uruguayan international on a cross from a corner form Andrea Pirlo. Inter tried to bounce back right away with a great chance from Pazzini but he failed. In 71th minute of the game on a excellent assist from Arturo Vidal, Italy and Juve legend Alex Del Piero scored with a great down low shot on the ground. That was his first goal this season after 14 apperances. After the second game Inter failed to create any chance and that was it. Juve had wonderful chance to make it even more painful defeat for Inter but Quagliarella failed to score from 2 meters, Maicon was on the goal line to save and stop the embarrassment. Another lose game, another bad game and another day without any reaction from the owner Masimo Morati who blindely believe in Ranieri even he destroyed Inter's season. Inter now are 10 points away from Lazio, the team that holds that 3rd place spot, the last one for next year's champions league. One positive news for Inter is that Mauricio Isla from Udinese is almost an Inter player, he is the first target for the summer according to Branca and should cost Inter about 10 milions euro. We'll see what will happen in the upcomming days. Forza INTER!

March 19, 2012

Inter with a new failure at home again, just draw without goals against Atlanta. With that Nerazzurri ended series of two wins (one national championship and on in the champions league ). Inter since the start of the match had more initiative and desire to win all three points. Even in the third minute Cambiasso threatened with attack by 16 meters which ended despite target. The greatest chance for a goal had Diego Milito who in 22 th minute of the match but he failed to convert a penalty. Pazini was ousted in the penal area, but  the visiting goalkeeper  was more successful than Milito. In the second half, Inter again had more initiative but failed to break the resistance of the guests. With the result Inter remained 7th on the table and now third place is hardly conceivable. Ranieri once again proved he should not be next season Inter coach. Forza Inter

March 16, 2012

 Inter president Massimo Moratti has stated that it would be wise to start rebuilding the team for the future without worrying too much about immediate results. The Giuseppe Meazza side are going through a difficult season as they were eliminated from the Champions League by Olympique de Marseille on Tuesday, are out of contention for Coppa Italia and are struggling in Serie A. "A wise idea might be that of starting to think about the future not in immediate terms, but by building a team that is essentially young," Moratti was quoted as saying on Inter's official website. "It depends on the realistic ambitions and habits that you want to have, though. It would be wise to rebuild from the foundation without the idea of immediately obtaining big results, and hoping the acquisitions you make will turn out to be the right ones. "In addition to the ability of new players with fresher legs, we also need experience. Many will remain, and we'll also get some new players. It depends on the project that we put together with the coach." Inter currently sit seventh in the Serie A table with 40 points from 27 games. 


March 08, 2012

According to recent writings in Italy, Massimo Moratti prefers Laurent Blanc for a new coach next season before Pep Guardiola and Andre Villas Boas. Blanc has a contract with the French team by the end of the European Cup, what means he would take over Inter after July. The only problem engagement Blanc would be that he wouldn't have enough time to pick good transfers to Inter and not enough time for selection of signings the long run. Although there was speculation likely Vilas-Boas will sign for Inter, probably he won't sign, at least not before June, according to a statement judging Moratti, who said that Ranieri remains, and at the end of the season will be brought a new coach. A series of eight matches without a victory have made Inter are now 17 points away from Milan and 11 in respect of third-placed Lazio and that seems to be fatal for the fate of the Ranieri's future in Inter. Italian is more than clear that it will leave Inter, and after termination of Boas over yesterday, the possible new collaboration between him and the Italian club could accomplish even this season. As a reminder, Andre Villa Boas was part of Mourinho's team in the first season of "special" in Inter. Forza INTER!!!

March 06, 2012

March 05, 2012

Another match, another disappointment for Inter and fans. Inter failed to win another time, which makes 7 game winles steak. Everyone expected that this could be turning point for Inter this period but draw after all is not too bad for Inter,considering they were trailing 2-0 at halftime. Inter played another awful first half, with Sneijder starting from the bench, considing goal after 19th min., after Nagatomo's mistake Alejandro Gomez was the player who punished Inter's defense.  The visitors looked the more likely to score again as Barrientos failed to apply the finishing touch to a Sergio Almiron pass. But Mariano Julio Izco doubled the lead  a minute later. On halftime Sneijder entered the game replacing Faraoni and it was instant impact. Although Inter were creating chances, they failed to score until Forlan's goal in 70th minute. Wonderful one on one dribbling from Forlan against Catania's defense, strong shoot with left leg and finally Inter scored a goal after  four matches. His second goal for Inter this season in Seria A. The home side’s growing dominance was rewarded with 10 minutes remaining, as the previously anonymous Milito hit a wonderful rasping drive into the top corner of the net after collecting Forlan's pass, leaving Carrizo helpless. At the end in second half overtime, Pazzini had a great chance but he failed to score from only 2 meters, it was nice cross from Obi from left side, but not enough concentration from Pazzini. Will now Ranieri be fired, after another shame for Inter? Now the newly available Villas-Boas leads the way to be the next man to lead Inter at 10/11 with Sportingbet. Will Inter sign him before end of the season, we'll see in the upcoming days. FORZA Inter!!!

March 02, 2012

 Inevitably the topic of the moment is Inter's difficult season, which means the media are constantly talking about Claudio Ranieri's job being on the line. Diego Milito was asked what he thought about all of this: "The first thing I want to make clear is that we are all behind the boss," he stressed on Prima Serata on Inter Channel. "We know that coaches are always the first to pay the price for failure, but we are the ones who are out there on the pitch and we are sorry about this. We support him completely and we'll try and do our best from Sunday on to restore confidence with a win.
"We'll try," he added, "to give our utmost as a team and I will too as an individual member of that team, to repay the fans for the faith they have in us. It's great that the supporters are behind us; it's a crucial factor."
The conversation turned to the last match they played, in Naples: "I wasn't happy with my performance against Napoli, but – and I'm not looking for excuses – I had just come through a bad week having spent six days in bed with flu, I wasn't well at all. However we always try to give it everything: in some matches we were unlucky though, like Novara for example, while our worst performance was against Roma. I don't like this period we're going through; I wish we were always in the league position Inter deserves to be in. Let's not forget that only 13 months ago we were world champions. We are working to get back to being ourselves."


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